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Vermont Glove

Tuttle Glove

Tuttle Glove

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Our brand-new all purpose hand furnace is a lined version of our flagship work glove. Made of 100% full grain goat leather, they’ll stand up to your toughest winter work, whether you’re running a logging chain or a splitboard. The genuine Vermont Glove purple woven cuff keeps out the cold and the crud, and tucks in under your jacket cuff.

Fred Tuttle, the Man with a Plan, was an infamous dairy farmer from Tunbridge, VT who became a movie star, then ran for office in the 1996 Republican Senate primary, defeating Jack McMullen, a wealthy carpetbagging businessman from MA. Fred was a tough old cuss who milked cows by hand on his 5th generation dairy farm and lamented the changing of times from the good ol' days. Everyone’s moving too fast, no one visits anymore, farms are selling out, and no one wants to work hard anymore. The Tuttle is our tribute to Fred and the hard working legacy that Vermonters value. 

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